Our Approach

We offer our clients a one stop service for accessibility products and home modifications through our nationwide network of vetted licensed contractors and service providers.

Dedicated Project Managers will handle every step of the modification process.

Manufacturer warranties come with all products and we offer a 1 year craftsmanship warranty on all home modifications.

How our services work

There is a claimant located anywhere in the country that is being discharged from the rehab hospital. They need a ramp, door widenings, and a barrier free shower in order to go home. We are provided with the claimant’s demographics and requested modifications.

Initial Request

  • We will reach out to the claimant within 24 hours to confirm the scope of work
  • The claimant’s availability will be established and if requested, our Occupational Therapist will schedule the evaluation
  • If no OT evaluation is requested, our vetted network licensed contractor will schedule their evaluation
  • Updates will be sent once the evaluation is scheduled by our OT , licensed contractor or both individually or at the same time
  • Ramps are usually an urgent request so they are evaluated and installed within 24 – 72 hours

Evaluation and Proposal

  • We will confirm then send an update that the evaluation occurred as scheduled
  • An estimated timeline will be provided as to when the full proposal will be submitted
  • Our very competitive proposal will include pictures, proposed drawings, and a time line of completion
  • The detailed proposal will be plainly written so it can easily be submitted to the adjuster for approval


  • When the project is authorized, we notify the claimant and review the approved scope of work with them
  • Upon approving the scope of work, our provider will schedule a pre-construction meeting with the claimant
  • During that meeting, our provider will confirm the scope of work and the claimant will sign off on the recommended modifications
  • The start date will be scheduled, a construction timeline will be confirmed, and materials will be ordered
  • An update will be sent upon confirmation that the project has started
  • Regular updates and progress pictures will be sent on larger projects
  • Upon completion, the claimant signs a post-construction document stating they are completely satisfied with the project
  • Final pictures will be taken and the job site will be completely cleaned and all debris will be hauled away to be properly disposed of